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Why Webpages Need White Space

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of information and design elements on a website? Chances are you have, and it’s one of the major problems with site design today. In the desire to provide as much information as possible, webmasters forget to add white space on their sites.

How to Add White Space to a Website

This is as easy as adding space between paragraphs and keeping paragraphs short, no longer than five lines. There should be space not just between the paragraphs but the images as well, and this is very important because it gives the visitor time to absorb all the visuals on the site and make sense of it.

web design white space

Layout is Key

The key to successfully adding breathing room and white space is in the layout, which is why professionally managed sites take this into consideration during the design phase. With the right layout, a website will have sufficient white space that helps users concentrate on the content without affecting the flow.

White space is especially important on mobile devices as the display is much smaller. When it comes to mobile website design, less is more. It is tempting to cram as much information as possible on a website, but white space is essential for improving user experience.

Application of white space and breathing room doesn’t just apply to paragraphs and images, as you can use the same principles for other elements as well. Yu can for instance, provide relief for the senses by using a limited color palette for the site.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Hamilton Web Design Firm

Whether your business is launching its online phase for the first time or of it is going under reconstruction and redesigning you will want to hire professional web design firms. Don’t even try to design your site on your own because there are just too many different elements that need to be done perfectly or your business could suffer for it. Consider the following benefits:

Effective Visual Design

Did you know that many customers click on an “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” button mostly because these buttons are in bright colours and are clearly visible? Did you know that customers are more likely to buy a TV not because of big images but because of clearly written product description? Visual website designing isn’t just about pretty colours – it’s about the simple visual cues that push visitors to become buyers without them even noticing they were nudged.

Visual Design

Better Sales Conversion

When you hire a web design agency in Hamilton you want their firm to effectively raise conversion rates – turning visitors into buyers. Only professional web design companies can accomplish this because they go beyond visual designs: they incorporate effective SEO, smart social media marketing, quick navigation options, and email marketing to their list of services.

Lower Maintenance Expenses

You can expect a web design firm to get things done right the first time but a website still requires maintenance from time to time. Maintenance costs can be minimized through optimal design choices. The fewer issues there are with your website the less likely it is you’ll spend for repairs and redesigns in the future.

You Need Cross Platform and Cross Browser Compatibility

When amateurs design a website they often forget one crucial detail: people don’t just shop on their desktops anymore. Nowadays people are browsing on different browsers and on different devices of all shapes and sizes. Your website might lose efficiency when browsed on a phone or a tablet.

Professional designers understand this and might already be incorporating dynamic, responsive web design before you even ask about it. That’s a sign of their expertise (going back to the first reason above) and it ensures that nobody is missing out on what your business has to offer.

It’s Cheaper in the Long Run

It’s not just about cutting down on expenses but also about minimizing losses. Each day your website features a useless design with poor marketing you are losing hundreds or thousands of sales. In the long run, the amount you spend investing in a professional design firm will gain you more sales and your business will be thankful for it.